Javier Pereiro, Alfonso Calvo & Marcos Pin



 Well, again, time for a concert. Great!...

On this occasion this one held on last March at "Borriquita de Belen", Santiago de Compostela, where Jazz music sounds every Thursday in the already famous night so called JAMBORRI.


 I was honored to share stage on that Thursday 16th with two excellent musicians whose I always enjoy playing with:

Javier Pereiro "GDJazz" on trumpet and flugelhorn and Alfonso Calvo on double bass


 No further delay, here you are the link to the concert, I hope you enjoy our standards´selection. Go grab a beer while listening to our music. We hope you enjoy ... Thanks everybody!

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JAVIER PEREIRO " GDJazz". Picture by Rafa Pasadas
JAVIER PEREIRO " GDJazz". Picture by Rafa Pasadas



 Pues de nuevo toca concierto, ¡Genial!...

En esta ocasión éste celebrado el pasado Marzo en "Borriquita de Belen", Santiago de Compostela, donde cada jueves suena Jazz en la ya famosa noche bautizada cómo JAMBORRI.


 Tuve el honor de compartir escenario ese jueves 16 con dos músicos excelentes con los que siempre disfruto tocando: 

Javier Pereiro a la trompeta y fliscorno y Alfonso Calvo en el contrabajo.


 Sin más dilación, aquí tenéis el concierto, espero os guste la selección de standards. ¡Hala, a por una birra y espero lo disfrutéis!...¡Gracias a tod@s!

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ALFONSO CALVO. Picture by Rafa Pasadas
ALFONSO CALVO. Picture by Rafa Pasadas



Solo Jazz Guitar Concert

This is the first video in a series.

The musical pieces were recorded by Rafa Pasadas on November 30th, 2016 during a Solo Guitar concert held at Lugo´s Conservatory.

Here is the first one, a composition by Thelonious Monk entitled Ask Me Now. 

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Este es el primer vídeo de una serie.

Las piezas fueron grabadas por Rafa Pasadas el 30 de Noviembre de 2016 durante un concierto a guitarra sola en el conservatorio de Lugo.

Aquí va la primera, una composición de Thelonious Monk titulada Ask Me Now.

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I Love You Too, from BROKEN ARTIST

I Love You Too, from BROKEN ARTIST


 ... I must admit:

One of my favorite features in this, my web page, is the subscription channel. I really enjoy and appreciate getting in touch with music lovers worldwide. It is hereby that I met these three guys who are from different places and we commented the new album, Broken Artist, and in particular the third track entitled "I Love You Too". 

I feel honored when people ask me about my compositions and, of course, I can´t help the surprise when you guys shoot an e-mail asking for the lead sheet or music paper. Needless to say I don´t mind sharing and that´s the main reason for this August´s post.

COUNTERFACTS were very common on Bebop era, just remember "Donna Lee" on "Indiana" changes; "Hot House" on "What is this Thing Called Love"... Here´s a link to a wikipedia list on counterfacts.

With more than 5000 YOUTUBE VIEWS!!... wow!!... This piece is a counterfact on Cole Porter´s tune "I Love You", which means I "borrowed" the chords, also commonly called "changes" and composed a new melody or, how I prefer to call it here: LINE.

As you know, the album Broken Artist, describes a day in the life of a nowadays artist, just link HERE if you are interested on the whole story but, as concerns to this post, here you are a completely legal download of the original "I Love You Too" lead sheet.

I know, it is pretty hard to play, at least on guitar. I have to admit I extra worked on that melody... but worthwhile the effort!!!... Folks, don´t forget to subscribe, share, like...bla bla ...but, before anything: ...Keep On Listening!!! ... 

Hope your summer rocks!!... I love you, too! :)

Legal PDF download of "I Love You Too" original lead sheet.
Adobe Acrobat Document 187.1 KB



How is Summer going?, I know: just starting...

I decided to upload on this month of July a Solo Guitar Concert I made on last June, the 11th at "OH, Jerusalem Festival". A nice event happening in Santiago de Compostela where music, books and vegetables!!, yes, I´m not kidding, fruits and vegetables... meet in a nice hidden street, very close to the cathedral, so hidden that it can not even be found on google maps.

Three were three concerts on that day, the three of them solo instrument performances: Alejandro Vargas was on piano, Pablo "Sax" on saxophone and me on guitar.

Rafa Pasadas was around shooting this nice video image and sound.

Here you are, I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed playing on that evening... Eat your vegetables!!... :)



Aura Lee, Love Me Tender, Elvis Presley??!!... Here´s a Story...

  Yes!, I know, it´s been a while since I blogged a last transcription on the series.

Let´s get that fixed!!... Here I GO!!


 I found myself last week whistling this old tune while driving up and down Galicia. Because it happened several times in different days of the week I decided to play and improvise on the piece a bit, I even made a youtube out of it which I post below.

 Also googled a little bit about the song and discovered what I consider a funny story. Listen up!:

Aura Lee was a popular song from north american civil War days. Elvis Presley asked Ken Darby to write some lyrics on the melody and work out an arrangement. Of course, he did and Elvis Presley Music published the song (...good money, I´m sure about!!... :) )... The funny story, to make a long one short, Mr Darby did not want his name on it so he registered the tune on his wife´s Vera Matson. Here´s the blast: when asked by a reporter why he put his wife´s name on it, he replied: ... Because she DID NOT compose the tune either!... What a man!!


Anyway, my friends, here you are a simple transcription of the piece which you can download and a couple of youtube: Elvis´version (great one!) and my Jazzy solo guitar introspection. Hope you enjoy ! ... Stay Tuned!: SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, SHARE,LIKE... you know... :)


PDF Transcription
FREE Download
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