Pablo Castanho / Marcos Pin Jazz Orchestra Live at Dado Dada

LIVE at Dado Dada: Castanho / Pin Jazz Orchestra

Photo: PixelinPhoto
Photo: PixelinPhoto

This post is for those of you who enjoy listening to live music on Youtube.

   You will find below the audio to our concert on February at Compostela´s Jazz Club, Dado Dada. As you might know, Pablo Castanho / Marcos Pin Jazz Orchestra is the big band in residence at the venue; we play monthly (First Friday). Hope You Enjoy!


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Felices Fiestas

Felices Fiestas!

Narci Rodríguez
Narci Rodríguez

Este post no tiene otro propósito más que el de desearos a todo/as lo mejor para este nuevo año que entra y que disfrutéis de lo lindo durante estas fiestas.

   Para ello os dejo esta pieza que el pasado viernes 14 estrenamos, la orquesta (Castaño/Pin), junto al genial vocalista Narci Rodríguez en Dado Dada Jazz Club, Santiago de Compostela.

   Seguro que disfrutáis de este arreglo tan especial; ¡Ah! si estáis interesados en el score o partes, un mensaje y listo...

¡Feliz Navidad!



Touchy Words About Triangle & Square

About Triangle & Square by Thanos Athanasopoulos

 Well, it is not a secret that, since we met as students in the conservatory, Thanos has been and is one of my best friends.

   That´s why, at first I thought, it might sound funny if I post a review written by a close friend but, you know, after all, who knows me and my music better than he does?...

   Thanks a lot, bro, for these really nice text. Really touched, I must admit.

   For Those of you who does not know Thanos, let me tell you, he is an extraordinary saxophone player and a fabulous writer. I´ll post a video below for you to check out and do not forget his first book which is out there. Guys, follow him on twitter, his jokes are hilarious.

Thanos Athanasopoulos — Photo by Rafa Pasadas
Thanos Athanasopoulos — Photo by Rafa Pasadas



An album that brought tears in my eyes. 


   It touched me with the clean, crystal clear sound of the four guitars that sound so close, as if they play for you in your own room. 


   Touched me by the beauty of the composition and arrangement. Simple and stunning. Marcos Pin is never overexposing knowledge, never meaning to impress with tricks or demonstration of arranging skills that he certainly has, but he is using the skills instead with only goal his expression and creating beauty. 


   It touched me with the improvisational contribution of every player. Four amazing guitar players, of relatively different style preferences, who blend so beautifully, listening sensitively to each other, complimenting each other with bass lines and comping and creating some real magical moments. 


   It touched me also with the stories behind the songs. The whole concept and the artwork. So honest and plain. Marcos Pin walks a lonely path with his art, insisting on following his heart, continuing enriching his big discography, in these times that discography is actually dead, just because that's what he needs to do. And through his albums, one after the other, the stories that he tells become more and more simple and honest. More and more beautiful. Marcos Pin is a real real-artist.



Thanos Athanasopoulos




Happy and exited when announcing a new album release.

   Available worldwide at streaming and downloading platforms (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc.)

   The album is conformed by two suites, three and four movements each, with original compositions and arrangements for four guitars.

   The name of the quartet is "4 on Six" has been chosen as humble rendition to genius Jazz guitarist, Wes Montgomery.

   The album features awesome guitarists:

Jens Larsen, Afonso Pais, Virxilio da Silva...


Go Check It Out!!! :)

4 On Six (Virxilio da Silva, Jens Larsen, Marcos Pin &Afonso Pais)
4 On Six (Virxilio da Silva, Jens Larsen, Marcos Pin &Afonso Pais)