The Professional Jazz Rehearsal

The Professional Jazz Rehearsal  (Part I)

    Tips to make your band rehearsal time more productive.

Factor E-Reset by Rafa Pasadas
Factor E-Reset by Rafa Pasadas


 Welcome everybody to my monthly blog post.


On April, Springtime... Great!.

Hope you guys are having a blast out there.

 I would like to talk in this new article about rehearsals. How to better manage your time and how to achieve some better results during rehearsal time.

During a recording session with APJQ. Thanos Athanasopoulos and Paco Charlin. By Rafa Pasadas
During a recording session with APJQ. Thanos Athanasopoulos and Paco Charlin. By Rafa Pasadas

Although I do sort of hate "lists", I will allow myself here to use a "10 tips to bla bla... kind of thing..." here. 

Please, consider them what they are, so to say, tips,... you know, in real world every situation is different and, to be honest, most of my rehearsals are hold during soundcheck time right before the gig. Here we go! :



1. ... BE ON TIME!! 

Yes!, this is my first one, sounds familiar?...

But not just that, let me tell you:

If rehearsal time is set from, let´s say 17 till 19 hours, it does not mean you just show up at 17 grabbing a nice coffee, with a big smile, asking for some help to carry in your drums, he he..., I know, it happens all the time but if you wanna be a pro just start acting as a pro... What the band leader means with "from-until" is just the rehearsal time, not included setting instruments, either tuning up... Keep that in mind, my friend!.

Nice rehearsal room...Where are the cables ?!?!...
Nice rehearsal room...Where are the cables ?!?!...

2. ... SET THE PLACE!! 

Band leaders: Make sure your musicians understand about time and keep in mind you must be the very first one to show up, with enough time ahead to set the place up according to your band needs. I mean: let the bass player know where he has to stand, so the horns, drummer...chairs? stands?...

Thanos & I reviewing our music during a rec. session. Photo by Rafa Pasadas
Thanos & I reviewing our music during a rec. session. Photo by Rafa Pasadas

  3... CHARTS!! 

I once attended a rehearsal with an ensemble, where the band leader showed up three quarters of an hour late, with his music in a pen drive, no paper copies, asking for a place to get them printed, ON SUNDAY!!!... Completely True what I´m telling... Guys, don´t be that guy... you can imagine what happened to his band, can´t you?... I have no idea,   haven´t             seen him for a while... :(


I always think it is a good habit, right after setting a time and a place to make the organizer this question: What do I need to bring?. I know, it might sound stupid, well, believe me, it DOES NOT!. Do I need to bring an amp?, any effect?, If a reed player: Do I double?; Brass: Any Mute?...double bass: a bow?...

Guys, if you are band leaders, let your musicians know every thing you need from them, tell them how many pieces you want to get rehearsal, and what exactly they need to bring... You might save a lot of time this way!!

With Ton Risco during a rehearsal
With Ton Risco during a rehearsal


Personally, I always start up the rehearsals that I lead with a nice "Thank You, Good Morning..." and right after I like to let my coworkers about what and how many pieces we will rehearsal and when and for how long we´ll take a break. 

It really helps in keeping ourselves focused on the music and knowing what exactly we are about to work is really a point.


 ...Folks, let me do a "To be continued... "thing here. I think it is a good idea if I just split this article in two. A first part dealing with organizational stuff, which is this one, and a coming up second part dealing with advices on how to rehearsal the music which I´ll post soon.

Please, feel free to make any suggestion and comment... so...  


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