Marcos Pin // Photo: Rafa Pasadas
Marcos Pin // Photo: Rafa Pasadas

Welcome to my site!



My name is Marcos Pin, I am a Jazz guitarist and composer, graduated from The Royal Conservatorium, The Hague. Father of two gorgeous boys and fond of drawing ( BTW, terrible one!... ).



I love hard bop and contemporary Jazz music, that´s definitely my thing. 

Tradition and roots are greatly important to me, although, above all, I admire every single one who is able to create that beautiful, magical, mysterious sound we call MUSIC.

Professionally I consider myself a lucky guy (fingers crossed...). I have released more than ten discs as leader, and I am honored to have participated in many beautiful projects by my peers as sideman. 


I can´t help proudly smile when thinking about some of the beautiful venues, theaters and festivals I have played in until now. One of my favorites: Lincoln Center, NY. 


I teach Jazz guitar at Estudio Escola and ensemble and composition at Musikartis in Santiago de Compostela. So I do online lessons; get in touch if interested in.


Hope you enjoy the web and my music which is YOURS.


I appreciate!.