Inspired by Luis Valle's book of poems: Ostraka presents an eight-movement suite for string quartet, guitar and double bass that narrates, in musical language, the emotions and feelings of a fictional protagonist; relegated character, condemned to ostracism.


Nikolay Velikov, violin

Kiyoko Ohashi, violin

Timur Sadykov, viola

Carme Tubio, cello

Juan Cañada, double bass

Marcos Pin, guitar

Rafa Pasadas, photography

Rocio Alen, art design

Recorded & mixed by Cristina Morquillas


   "Un bellísimo experimento a caballo entre el jazz contemporáneo más sofisticado y un acercamiento peculiar a la Third Stream"

Félix Amador Galvez, Jazz, ese Ruido.


"Ostraka is another compelling piece of music by a compelling artist, a gentle soul,one America needs to hear more of."

Carol Banks WeberFestival Peak.