I feel happy and excited when presenting my new album entitled "TRIANGLE & SQUARE"

   The album consists of two suites composed and arranged for four Jazz guitars.

   The music was composed with Lugo, my hometown, in mind. That´s why the little house on cover; because a triangle and a square, both feel as basic elements when drawing a house

SQUARE is built up of four pieces and, making use of second meaning of the word, I composed each movement for four different squares in the city: Santo Domingo, Soledad, San Marcos and Campo´s Square.

The suite TRIANGLE features three movements. On each one I evoque a memory from my childhood when living in Lugo.




MARCOS PIN - guitar/composition

JENS LARSEN - guitar


AFONSO PAIS - guitar

ARNE BOCK - mix and mastering

ROCÍO ALÉN - art design

RAFA PASADAS - photography

KABIR SEHGAL - liner notes

Sound engineering XABIER FERREIRO



I can´t help feeling proud about the other three members in the band: Jens Larsen, Virxilio da Silva and Afonso Pais need no extra introduction so their excellence is worldwide recognized.

   The incredible Rafa Pasadas was there too; during the recording session and the previous tour week he took and shot gorgeous photos and videos. Cover´s one is also by him.

   Rocío Alén, wonderfully as usual, created a marvelous design and booklet which liner notes wrote the bestseller writer and three Grammy Awards winner as Jazz producer, Kabir Sehgal

The album was recorded at Estudios BruaR in A Corunha, Spain, by Xabier Ferreiro

   It was deliciously mixed and mastered by Arne Bock

 All a dream team, amazing and incredible, that have made, of this project so looked forward by me, a reality.

Thanks form heart!


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(Guitars I, II III & IV)



(MP3  & Booklet)



   "Four Jazz guitarists, two suites, and a whirlwind of wistful longing mark blissful time in Lugo, Spain."

Carol Banks Weber, A FESTIVAL PICK


  "That you check out how well Marcos plays is no longer a surprise for those of us who know him, but that with each new proposal he surprises you, because his intention, coherence and originality, that ... that's a classic!"



"... melodic music, with multiple layers and taken care of, what a deity must take care of city [Lugo] ..."



"The album oozes inspiration and motivation, with a guitarist who, as a composer and arranger, is always restless, studying and exploring tirelessly new forms of Jazz, teaching and demonstrating that Jazz, in any of its forms, is an alive and exciting music."

Félix Amador Gálvez, JAZZ ESE RUIDO


" Great compositions and arrangements... great playing by every body...."

Telmo Fernández, GUITARIST


"Marcos Pin is a guy with many ideas. Triangle & Square is, again, a magnificent example of his musical imagination. A great album that I have also had the pleasure of listening to —repeatedly— before its release. Congratulations!!!"



"Wonderful quartet that, with four guitars, create high quality Jazz"

Juan Cañada - DOUBLE BASIST 


"Good compositions and clear, varied and effective arrangements."

Pablo Seoane - PIANIST


"New Galaxy found consisting of 24 strings spinnin´around an assortment of glowing pieces. The same behaviors of material and languages in different  personalities. Undoubtedly, a guitar to the fullest. You can´t ask for more."

Narci Rodríguez - SINGER



   "It touched me also with the stories behind the songs. The whole concept and the artwork. So honest and plain. Marcos Pin walks a lonely path with his art, insisting on following his heart, continuing enriching his big discography, in these times that discography is actually dead, just because that's what he needs to do. And through his albums, one after the other, the stories that he tells become more and more simple and honest. More and more beautiful. Marcos Pin is a real real-artist."

Thanos Athanasopoulos - SAXOPHONIST / WRITTER