What but How is our new trio album.

Ten original compositions and one standard song full with energy, drive and swing. 


Marcos Pin, guitar

Juan Cañada, double bass

Sergio Gonzalez, drums

Rafa Pasadas, photography

Rocio Alen, art design

Recorded & mixed by Cristina Morquillas


Streaming and Compact Disc available


Limited Edition Compact Disc in Digisleeve with Art Design by Rocio Alen.

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Picture by Luis Vila
Picture by Luis Vila



On friday, June 19th. 2020 we had the fortune to play a concert at Club Clavicembalo, Lugo. We had a time, The Marcos Pin Trio plus two extraordinaire guests: Javier Pereiro "GDJazz" on trumpet and Pablo Castaño on alto and soprano saxophones. 

Gerardo Marquez was there and shot this video.


But that's not all for you, LIVE MUSIC LOVERS:

   You can download, FOR FREE, the live recording release of that night, just choose a format file and click to download:  


THE MARCOS PIN TRIO LIVE AT CLAVICEMBALO 2020 feat. Javier Pereiro "GDJazz" & Pablo Castaño 


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Hope You Enjoy!